about netzsch pazh


NETZSCH PAZH is a seller and manufacture of replacement items and spare parts for NETZSCH monopumps in Iran. The company has many successful experiences in replacing netzsch pump parts in various oil, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater and mining industries. The company is ready to sell quality replacement parts with a guarantee of maintaining the quality and performance of customers' mono pumps as soon as possible.

NETZSCH Pump Company is one of the subsidiaries of the German NETZSCH industrial group, which is active in the field of production of positive displacement pumps in the world. The products of this company are more than 60 years old. NETZSCH products are used in the mining, oil and gas, cellulose and paper, agricultural and food industries.

All delivered parts with a guarantee of 100% compliance with NETZCH mono pumps and from the highest quality materials, the highest standard and at the best price will be provided to you in the shortest possible time.

NETZSCH Pazh Group is a branch of the specialized sales department of Raybad Energy Company, which operates exclusively in the supply and sale of replacement parts and equipment for NETZSCH pumps in Iran.

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